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Why a Cush & Co Pouf?

Why a Cush & Co Pouf?

Moroccan Authentication

Please don’t be fooled by or compare our genuine products to cheaper, knock-off poufs.  They do exist and are out there everywhere! Our poufs are the real deal--hand crafted of genuine goatskin leather in Marrakech (highest quality of leather in Morocco and much more expensive than sheepskin) by artisans in a small family workshop and women's collective over a 21-day span. These artisans are highly skilled and are experts in this particular craft. Each pouf is hand painted and has a lot of intricate embroidery detail so please do take into consideration that being made of genuine leather & handcrafted each pouf may have a slight variation of colour, stitching, or size which reflects the artisan’s masterpiece.

Women's Co-Op. Supporting Women Artisans in Marrakech

Our artisans started in 2005 in a small family workshop in the heart of Marrakech medina. On average, It took each artisan two days to stitch a single pouf. Every week artisans would take their leather goods to the local villages surrounding Marrakech where they would hand embroider and hand stitch the poufs together.

As business grew, the family was able to be provide their artisans with all necessary equipment to complete the work to include, sewing needles, pins, pincushions, thimbles, scissors, seam rippers, and silk threads.

As the years went by more and more women were employed and an all-womens handmade cooperative was founded in 2021 aimed at helping local artisans in the region share their work with the world.

Crafting authentic poufs in rural Morocco serves as a way for women to gain income while maintaining a time-honoured artform.

The co-op specialises in the traditional style of leather work and embroidery, known for its intricate and meticulous stitches and traditional methods from medieval times. 

All Natural Products

Cush & Co puts quality first.  Using authentic eco-friendly premium products means more than just a higher price. We have personally met with the co-op founders and artisans and witnessed the process that takes place to carefully handcraft each product that we offer.  As stated above we only use hand picked goatskin leather hides, all natural dyes, and a technique called sun power drying, all processed in ancestral tanneries in Morocco. We allow no harmful chemicals to be used during the 21-day process of creating these beautiful masterpieces.  With the use of these high quality, natural products each pouf is sure to last a lifetime and continue to soften over time bringing you continued functionality & beauty in your home for years to come!

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

We want you to be happy with your beautiful Moroccan Pouf and offer a full money-back guarantee if you are not happy with your pouf for any reason. Simply contact us then return it in its original unused condition in original packaging to receive a refund or exchange.

Reputable and Trusted Australian Retailer

We are a small family business based in Brisbane operating since 2011. Cush & Co has over 1000+ reviews from real customers so you can be confident in purchasing an authentic and quality product which is shipped from Brisbane within 24 hours. 

Where To Buy a Moroccan Leather Pouf?

Remember to always purchase your Moroccan pouf from a reputable & trusted retailer.  Cush & Co is based in Brisbane and prides ourselves on providing our customers genuine, all natural, high quality products. If you have ANY questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or send us a message on IG or FB, we’re happy to help and would love to gain you as a trusted customer!